Many customers are using the NetScaler VPX, on their hypervisor. This is a god supplement for the MPX or SDX platforms, if you do not need the SSL Card power of the NetScaler.

The NetScaler VPX are available in the flowing models:

Normally I see the VPX 10 to VPX 3000 at customer’s sites. The VPX 3000 comes with the XenMobile Cloude license, but is limited to XenMobile configuration and Micro VPN tunnels.


As you can see on the models list the from VPX 1000 and up the license support multiple packed vCPU’s (1 vCPU is used for management) When installing NetScaler VPX on your hypervisor Citrix Provided a template for this. This template only add 2 vCPU’s to the virtual NetScaler as this is the same template for all models.

Many forget that it is possible to change the number of vCPU’s if they have VPX 1000 or higher licenses. If you consider changing the vCPU of your NetScaler VPX remember that every vCPU need 2 GB memory as minimum.


If you change this after initial install, you have to check that the extra packed CPU and memory are added. This can be done with the flowing commands: