Do the Citrix ADC cache. O yes it does, even when the feature is not licensed. This can give some funny trouble shooting issues.

I resent have some problems about the logon page to an Access Gateway function. After a change in the logon page code, the client still gets the old look.

To check if your Citrix ADC is caching anything use this command:

As you can se the Citrix ADC is caching loginstatcobjects, but the feature is not licensed !!!!

If you run this, you will get a static of the caching function on the Citrix ADC:

The good is that you can disable this build in cache of loginstatcobjects. You can do this by running this command:

And to check that it is set:

I took me a while to find that is was the caching function that give me the strange behavior, as the function was not licensed, and I never thought that is could be enabled by default. I hope this can help others.